Lingering Fall

Most often in this part of Montana the snow has already come and sit wet and heavy.  Leaves have long been on the ground, trees stripped naked.  This year though, fall has lingered. The leaves still remain on the trees and in places are even green.  Oranges, reds, and yellows splash brilliant accents on the mountain sides and along every water way.

oct 2014 012 Warm days beg for long hikes and make winter seem so far away it is difficult to carry on with the tasks of preparing for sub zero temperatures.

oct 2014 047 Each morning I watch the fog lift to reveal the mountain and the Tamarac’s that turn a little more golden each day.  One good gust of wind or a heavy rain and their needles will be gone until next spring.

oct 2014 011Once the days chores are done we will head for the trail with a scavenger list and a camera in hand.  One last hike before the snow is sure to arrive.


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