Thor, the puppy

So the dog…the puppy, he is only 6 months kept me up all night whimpering. Not one to give in to whining of any sort, I gritted my teeth and refused to give in to his baby desires. At 4 am, after glaring at the wall and trying to not leap out of bed screaming, I hear the worst sound ever! Throwing back the covers to get him outside before more could escape him, I nearly fell over at the smell alone!

aug 2014 010

“Oh Good GOD! what did you eat!”

More fluid than not, is the biggest pile of dog sh*t under the table, as I have ever seen. Thank god I have a composting Toilet and peat moss readily at hand.  Generously dumping it on top of the slowly spreading pile, the peat moss not only soaked up the brown fluid  but the smell vanished almost at once. Taking a moment to calm down and brace myself for the task at hand, I had a cup of tea.  Considering my options I took the dust pan to scape it up, pile it in a trash bag, and set it outside. I used a little sol-u-mel…no, a lot of sol-u-mel! … to disinfect and destroy any lingering smell in the wood floor.  It was over. I let him back inside. aug 2014 029

He happily plopped down his bed and fell asleep. His revenge was complete I thought as Iay awake for another hour. Just as drifted off he began the whimpering again. Not wishing to pick up more piles I let him out at once, only to find he wanted out so he could corner and chance the cat. sept 2014 003

And now, looking as sweet as could be, he has his head on my knee ready to go for hike, go chase a ball, or play in the creek. I on the other hand have much to do today, am so tired I can barely lift my mug of coffee. I have a feeling tonight I will be in bed early with far less accomplished than I had planned. Anyone want to come help me hang insulation in the ceiling? I’ll have coffee, likely be short tempered and your sure to be covered it microscopic layer of fiberglass.


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