Work on the Cabin – July

Taking a simple box and deciding the shape it will take has a certain gratification when that shape starts to take shape.  The long pieces of the counter top purchased at the re-store took a couple cuts and they began to be put in place. 

may 2014 004

The options, even in a small space are as limited as the imagination and a persons willingness to forego the idea that size means worth.  After spending enough time in the space and knowing that the loft will be home to a boy who is only going to get bigger one thing was set for certain.  His steps up to the loft needed to be in the enter to avoid hitting his head.  The steps also needed to not be in the center of the room, so not off the loft edge.  The third thing is that they needed to be steps not a ladder.  For now the ladder remains but my knees can barely do them now and in the years to come it’s likely to only get more difficult. 

Today we got the counter top in, the frame for the bathroom wall(door size yet unknown, so that is not framed in yet) ladder moved, and stove set into place. 

 july 2014 055The sink will be under the first window, and cut to size when the right sink is found.  The little kitchen is starting to pull together and gives the little cabin a much more home like feeling.  The propane is not yet hooked up.  The back splash or behind the stove (and a bit of extra counter top) tucked under the counter.  The back splash will go in after the insulation, water, and copper for the propane has been run.  july 2014 061With the hole cut and ladder screwed in the batteries for the tools were about dead so we went outside.  The hose that ran from the spring straight down the mountain to the green house and 5 gallon bucket we reran.  Following the slope of the mountain to the back of the cabin where the water barrels will reside we set the first 55 gallon bucket up to fill.  For now it is just a hoes but with most projects that will be revamped into something much more efficient and weather tolerant.  july 2014 057It will be a fun project to see how long it takes to fill, dump it out in a pre-seal rinse before the basic plumbing and the water pump go on.  It was a long hot day but one of those great days that when you step back you can see what you did for the day and better, do have done it with your 12 year old son.  Good day on the mountain indeed.                                                                                                                                


1 thought on “Work on the Cabin – July

  1. quietwalkblog

    This is great! Have you seen Galivance here on Worddpress? They have a blog including one on small homes – Savannah Homes or somesuch which shows a number of really sweet places that are about 300 square feet each. How many square feet do you have? I know you have told me the dimensions, but I can’t remember what you said.


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