Duct tape shoes – project 3

july 2014 026This afternoon my sister came to visit with her family.  My little nephew, the youngest, was asleep on the way and his shoes were forgotten.  As the yard is still mostly shale and not so nice to walk on this was very sad for him.  Duct tape saves the day.  I grabbed four sheets of paper and a roll of duct tape.  The paper I folded to the size of the bottom of his foot and in under 7 minutes (my sister timed it) we had shoes!  grandpa slipper style but with a back strap.  july 2014 027He was so happy he couldn’t even wait for me to take a pic of the little shoes before he was out fo the chair and after the “big boys” july 2014 035modern mountain living tip #3 Always carry duct tape.  You never know when you will need it.     


2 thoughts on “Duct tape shoes – project 3

  1. skykinwrite

    Clever and creative. Duct tape has so many good uses.
    Once I told a woman, as a joke, that if her spirited boy got too demanding, she could duct-tape him to the way. SHE DID! I was aghast that my words had been taken so to heart.


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