Is that earth I see?

The weather has remained remarkably warm for this time of year and this place.  Up here on the mountain it has dared to reach so high as 38 degrees but 10 miles away it has been as warm as 42! The snow has begun to reveal things known as rocks and even MUD!

january 009The heavy over-cast has made it a very grey day and the camera was having a hard time with the light.  Lumix and I debated about how to deal with it.  On some it worked but on others not so much.

january 008

It was so nice out that James and  decided to go do a photo scavenger hunt and set off.  The idea was to take as many pictures as possible and each of us make a list of five when we got home, then see if we had pictures to cover each others list plus our own.

january 012

We had just not gotten down to the creek when James discovered his phone, (he opted to take that for pics over the camera) had gone dead.

january 022

Instead he decided to play with the dogs while I tried to take pictures in the dusk light.

january 026

At 5:30 the light was low enough it was very difficult to get good focus.

january 034

We headed back up the mountain towards home.

january 001

Wet with the snow and the creek my reaction to Thor when he came inside was “oh good Lord dog, you stink!”

“Oh yes, he does!  he is a stinky puppy but he’s MY stinky puppy!” James says laying down on the floor with him.  He must really love that dog to think Thor as a pillow is worth the stink up the nose.


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