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In the wood shop Oz decided to make a cribbage board for his dad as a chistmas gift.  The tools and skills Oz has begun to use in the shop is wonderful to see.  dec 2014 003Instead of making a standard board or eve using wood, Q brought in a moose antler.  The planning and the math began.

samsung 12.15 008After having the plans worked out they were glued on and the drilling began.

samsung 12.15 047Working 6 hours das twice a week Oz was determined to have it done on time.

late dec 14 018

After two days of polishing the antler and making the pegs, Yes he made those as well, he had it done just in time.

late dec 14 015

A storage space for the pegs was even part of the plan.

late dec 14 011Oz also learned to use a scribe to put on the lines and to sign his work.

late dec 14 019I have to say I am extremely proud of my boy and very grateful for Q.