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Spring 2017, a dozen and more projects.

This winter, while not as cold as some, the cold has lasted. Nightly, falling well below zero neighbors across the state have had frozen water and drains. Not just those in rural areas but towns and cities have had water simply creep to a frozen standstill. Up here on the mountain water has remained the same for us. Off grid certainly has its advantages.

The cold has however, eaten up the wood stack impressively. Last week when the weather gave us a break and we got above freezing it was cause for days outside. A dozen spring projects to began in a flurry of activity not seen since the last few days before the snow arrived. img_20170121_193401_714The unsold wreaths came down to start with. The ornaments and now dry boughs were all unwound and put away for next season. Thor decided the big ones made great beds after a day chasing snow balls and helping haul wood.

Large boxes from costso we turned into new indoor nest boxes for the ladies. They loved them at once and eggs started to show up.

img_20170121_192921_172The big dead tree by the driveway came down, was bucked up, hauled up the driveway via sled, and split. Shane came up to cut down the old Pondarosa as my chainsaws have deiced to stop running. They are both in need of carburetor, work so they look useful, but for now they do little. James and I saw to the rest of the tree and got it all stacked in one long afternoon. The beetle killed pine split so easy we had to remind ourselves not to chop it too small.

The deck had to be shoveled of snow and ice from almost record breaking snow fall. Of course a sled hill had to be tested… img_20170131_195319_546…sticks had to be tested for strength and bonfires had to be built.

We had four glorious sunfilled days before the snow returned last night and buried us under another foot. We will be back inside the rest of the week finishing up the long overdue sheet-rock in the Little Cabin.

Yesterday, however, was stunning. I woke up to a dozen types of birds all greeting spring, chipmunks were chirping, and the squirrels shouting their chatter. Thor hasn’t been so excited to get outside since the snow first arrived. I let him out and sat down to have coffee before James woke up.


After seeing to morning chores it was warm enough out the greenhouse to sit down for projects without even needing to build a fire.


The beadwork my grandma had started before she passed away this fall I finished while the chickens debated if it was truly spring or not.Craft supplies from the last homeschool kid co-op visit were sorted and put back in their drawers, and most of the glitter swept up. (I doubt it will ever be truly all gone. By time that happens I am sure a handful of little girls will be back for another art workshop.)


Thor on guard duty. he likes the snow this year if for no other reason than he can sit up very high and watch the driveway.

Waking up to snow this morning was very pretty but I will be glad for the next day with sunshine and thawing weather. I count the days to get the first seeds into the ground int he greenhouse. The thermometer is in the ground. It will be soon.



from spring to winter return

feb 2015 032

With the weather feeling like spring, robins out and about, James and I took advantage and went for a hike behind the Little Cabin.

feb 2015 023

It was a very steep hike but the view is rather impressive from up there.  We made it about half way up and could begin to see hints of the weather to come.

feb 2015 037

Just after sunset the snow began to come down and the temperature dropped.

feb 2015 047

Sunrise revealed that winter had returned.   It was about 8 inches that had arrived and with just enough melt before it froze that once again the car is at the bottom of the drive and the hiking up and down returns.  It looks like the weather will begin to warm back up again for another round of remarkably early spring weather.

Is that rocks I see?

feb 2015 013

After several days of very spring like weather with temperatures nearing 60 degrees, the ice has finally begun to melt. Today we could see rocks!

feb 2015 007Mornings have been a bit chilly but I have not had to build a fire in THREE days!

feb 2015 009The ice is still thick though and remains.  Water has flowed down the driveway for days but Ii am still unable to drive up it.  If the weather holds up for a few more days I might just be able to make it.

feb 2015 011The sky has been blue today.  The birds are beginning to return, the robins have been seen and spring time springs have been begun to flow higher up the mountains.  If Have seen buds on some of the younger trees and little green plants are starting to poke up through the forest floor cover.  As wonderful as it is if we do not get more snow and more winter the forest fires this summer will be horrific.  I cant wait to get to work on the garden beds, to walk on dirt that is not covered in ice and get plants in my hands, but I really hope we get more moisture.

This is how a modern mountain woman accessorizes

jan 2015 060

Yes, I have orange gloves that match the Stihl Chainsaw as well.  Today it just happened to be the Poulan I used. lol.chainsawn jan 2015 073

Today the weather was stunning.  The snow has melted enough the mountain sides are nearly all exposed.  The driveway is deadly and not to be travelled on my any creature, not even the dogs can make it up and down.

jan 2015 073You just cant pass up weather like this.  Clearing and cutting has been the task every day it is warm enough and the last two have been utterly spring like.  I hope the little trees and flowers don’t attempt to bud out as it is only and trick with no doubt that winter will rush back in from the artic and temps will plummet.  Stay sleeping all you young plants, skunks, and bears.  Winter is far from over.

Snow Day

The unreasonable cold of the bearing straight has passed and left us with more typical weather for this time of year.  Misty drizzly rain.  While normally I gear up and hike out, loving the cool weather, the smell of the mountains and the chance for great images of water drops I have been doing very little other than curling up in bed and adding wood to the fire. Yep, its that time of year… I have a cold.

nov snow 001

I had a tiny one trying o take hold when I went over the mountains, but a day in the wind and an earache has set it into a level that I hope wont last for month.  Having a sluggish and often confused immune system often means a cold lasts for months.  I remain optimistic though and hope that my heath has improved enough this last year that I will be surprised and wake up all better very soon.

Last night the rain turned to snow for a bit and then to freezing rain.  Its a wet heavy white world out there now.

nov snow 005

I made coffee and hiked down to Shane’s.  The booster to get our shared internet up to the cabin is not set up yet so I have to trek down to get online, and due to lack of finding enough copper pipe and refusing to buy new, my hot water system is not set up, so for modern convince aka internet and showers, down the mountain I go.  It gives me a chance to take pictures even when I’m not feeling up to a hike.

nov snow 017

The snow is so wet and heavy it was sliding off the trees all around, but most of them just out of camera shot or I was just too slow to catch it.

nov snow 019

I think today I will try to find my grid paper and begin the work on the plans for the root cellar and chicken coop that WILL go in next year.

Nov 24/ New Snow

Just as I got the car unpacked, (it now sits at the bottom of the drive and everything must be carried up and up down,) the misty rain turned to snow.  Tired from fighting the wind while taking pictures that morning and driving in it for hours I headed to bed.  Fire built up, I hoped to sleep a few hours before I had to get up and restock it, but the cat seemed to have missed me and decided my head was right where she needed to sit.  When she did relent it was close to 4 am and she decided she needed to go outside.  I could see it was still snowing but was too tired to really take notice.  This morning however it was impossible to ignore.  Even as tired as I grabbed the camera.

Nov Snow 017

Pre-coffee I stepped out to get the sun on the snow but just as I did a cloud over the sun. I decided to take a few anyway.  I will go out later I am sure and try to get some with a bit more direct sunshine.

Nov Snow 002

These two old Tamarac’s tower up just outside the kitchen window.  They stand as guardians over the yard.  We call them the old grandmothers.

Nov Snow 005

The only sound this morning was the little wood pecker who has until now been almost magical in its way of hiding from the camera.  Its not the best picture I might have dreamed of, but I’m happy to have gotten on of this little guy at all.

Nov Snow 008

Pictures do not show just steep the last leg of the drive up tot he cabin is, but its a good work up going up and down.

Nov Snow 013

Looking up the mountain behind the little cabin.

Nov Snow 003