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Project 6 – “the butt warmer”

Everyone, I’m sure, has seen the posts about the terra cotta pot warmers.  The little “heat your room with a candle’ posts from Face Book to Pin and it and just about anywhere else.  This is not exactly that.  A friend of mine gave it the name James and I have taken to using, the butt warmer!  You see he works in a rather chilly little building where a little extra heat is called for.  He made a heater to go under his chair (a camping chair, so the heat came through) and referred to it as a butt warmer.  James and I decided to experiment with design and waited for the coffee to run out so the can could be used.1.15.15 015

armed with the coffee can as the outside, and inside can and the ‘holder’ can we discussed why the terra cotta was a better option if one had extra or felt it worth the cost to buy new.  Thermal mass and heat absorption was the conversation as holes were punched and a healthy scoop of cold ash was put in the bottom of the coffee can.

1.15.15 016

James lit the puppy chewed candle and set it in inside.

1.15.15 020It didn’t take long for the heat to start coming off the inner can.

1.15.15 028

Just to test how hot it was a little bit f water was put on top.  It took about 4 sec for it to start to boil and sizzle away.

1.15.15 035After a number of cans and patterns of wholes this is the one we learned worked the best.  Lots of little holes on top, a few medium  holes on the top of the sides and big holes at the bottom of the side.  A number of other patterns just but the candle out or did not send the heat out very well.  This spring when little garden pits go on sale we plan to buy a number of terracotta pot with plans to help take the chill off the green house with candle heaters.


Bottle Garden Update

The bottle gardens from last spring have mostly all been given away but I still have one.  I thought I would update the info.  This one I put in moss and peat moss both.  The moss alone dried out too quickly alone but the peat moss added makes it work rather well.  Out of curiosity I used house plants instead of the normal use of quick veggies.

jan 15 008

The plants I tucked in the window-garden were the ones broke off by the cat.  Now in the south window in their new home they seem quite happy.  I use V-F 11 one a week in a mist to fertilise the plants as the moss itself doesn’t offer much.

jan 15 006Having this little garden and being able to play in the ‘dirt’ a little this time of year is well worth having. Even if I get no snips of lettuce or basil I am quite happy with the results.