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forest in bloom

may 2015 032


Budding Tamaracks

You know spring has truly arrived when the Tamaracks bud out.  yesterday green appeared.   april 18 002Along this draw we get to enjoy a far wider variety of trees than much of this part of Montana. We have everything from the very common Ponderosa Pine to Cedar, Cottonwoods to Tamaracks.  The shades of green are every shifting through out the year with splashes of orange and yellow flashing out in the fall.  I love to watch the changes but spring with the soft tips on the Blue Spruce, the glossy shine on the cedar and the budding Tamaracks are is my favorite time of year.

april 18 003

winter photo

nov 2014 004

Stepping outside to let the puppy take a morning romp, this is what I see from my front step.  Coffee in hand just had to take a picture.  Only blow up to full size can it even begin to do justice to the view.  With the fire warm inside, the sun through the trees and the only sound the wood pecker thumping on a nearby tree, I am can only think to myself, ‘I love my little cabin in the mountains’

A Walk in the Woods

As fall sweeps in and transforms the mountains those last long walks without coats and boats need to be taken.  With the boy getting into projects and tasks set up for home school leaning the camera, as both a tool and an artistic outlet is one of them.  sept 2014 027

We set out on a walk, both of us with a camera.  To try and make it more interactive with a hint of direction I figured a scavenger hunt was the way to go.  I made a quick list: Something metal, something round, 3 different leaves, something red, something BIG, something tiny and something old.

I walked around with him showing him the basics of the camera, the same one I used until I received a new camera for my birthday from my mother, (quietwalkphotography)  I took  my own pictures along the way.

sept 2014 034

When we got back to the yard he asked if I had gotten all the pictures I needed.  Well, no I hadn’t but why not?  So we will do the hunts together and trade who makes the list each time.  So here is my scavenger hunt.

Something round in the mushrooms and the ring they grow in

sept 2014 026Something metalsept 2014 030leaf 1 of 3

sept 2014 016leaf 2 of threesept 2014 015leaf 3 oof 3sept 2014 011something redsept 2014 002something bigsept 2014 007something tiny in the little yarrow leaves

sept 2014 019

something old – the rocky mountainssept 2014 014

Shortly he will be taking a class on photography, composition, the use of focus and basic skill controls of the camera itself.  I look forward to just how creative he will be as he learns more of what he and his camera can do.

his blog and scavenger hunt


January Walk

The clouds lifted and left the sky clear blue. Thin beams of light came past the road and into the yard itself but above the mountain was bathed in glorious sunshine. I grabbed a camera and headed up,
jan2014 024

jan2014 003

jan2014 005

jan2014 010

Laving the denser forest I reached an area where the trees had been cleared in time past, offering a wonderful area of brush, bush and grasses.

jan2014 011

jan2014 012

jan2014 013

Higher up the sun was full, lifting over the mountain. My coat came off. I turned my face to the sun and just soaked it in. The human body, the very chemicals of our skin and brain require the sun. With the knowledge I stood listening to the birds I had not heard yet this winter, sharing in the gratitude for the break in the weather and the chance to just Be there.

jan2014 017

jan2014 019

The snow was gone, replaced with mud. I found an old stump and just sat. The spring was moving enough that even where I sat I hear it trickling over the little water fall. I stayed with no sound beyond the water, the birds and further up the mountain the dog dashing about. No cars, no neighbours, no engines of any kind. I should have brought a folding chair. The stump was wet and eventually I had to head back down, but not beore I took another shot.

jan2014 018

jan2014 020

jan2014 021

jan2014 022

Heading back down it was hard to leave the private moment of spring time above for the crisp cold below. This time of year is hard on plants an animals as it tricks them into thinking it is spring but its not. We are still in winter and the coldest months are yet to come. The chance to feel the sun is wonderful but I whisper to the trees to the stay sleeping, its not time yet. Soon, but not yet.

jan2014 024