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The snow has finally melted! Yesterday the lupines popped out of the mountain side and today the humming birds have returned. We are still at three days of sunshine this year with cloud cover again. The solar panels are not really amused but the plants in the greenhouse have the grow lights on them to help them on these cloudy days.


The days are warm enough now for t-shits and the work outside has picked back up again. Below the dam where the trees were dropped from making room for the greenhouse has become the target of focus. We will be putting in an orchard in the space as well as the chicken coop. (Zone 3 in permaculture) The ladies will be under and among the trees. The final plan for the coop is being worked out with several ideas in mind, including one with a rocket stove inside the wall to give them extra winter heat.


Thor thought he would help with clean up and kept making a bed out of the piles of slash that we needed to burn and sort. A perfect place to chew on a freshly found deer shed I guess. Almost two weeks of picking up the dead fall, chain saw work and nonstop fire, we got through the fiddlestick game of trees and found the rock bank. To my delight gooseberries are coming up and hopefully I can encourage them to thrive there.  20180505_121019

Our top temp today is likely to be in the mid 50’s with chance of rain, but as soon as I step away from the computer I will be outside. Summers in Montana tend to go from cool and grey to too hot and so smokey work outside must stop. Last year we went from smoke to snow with no chance for much fall work, hopefully this year we have fewer fires and more work can get done. The coop, the orchard, and more gardens, as well as a cob oven. Not to mention all the other stuff.



jan 15 002

The sun cam out today for the first time in weeks.  Despite the over cast weather it has been remarkably warm and I have spent most the time outdoors.

jan 15 023

After three months of my shoulder being unable to work the warm break has given me a chance to tackle projects I had hoped to do in September.

clearing 1-15 003Yesterday the clearing of the ‘front yard’ began.  6 hours in and you can actually see the little cabin.

clearing 1-15 012

Once the bulk of the trees were cut into manageable pieces and hauled out of the trees, and into downhill ice slick…. I mean the driveway… James built a fire to start burning the sash that was not worthy of the wood stack.

clearing 1-15 006about hour 7 I found wild climbing roses.   Very cool.

clearing 1-15 008hour 7.5 I discovered a missed ornament.

clearing 1-15 020at 8 hours I was starting to feel the weight of the chainsaw but the dogs were having a ball.

clearing 1-15 0289 hours I called it a day.  The sun was well behind the mountain and dusk was creeping in.  I took a seat by the fire, had James go start dinner, and took a break.

clearing 1-15 011Today was a day getting my ‘honeydew’ (yes I spelled it that way on purpose, as I do my own ‘to do’s’ a ‘honeydew’ not a ‘honey do’ or simply ‘need to get done’ list just seems like a nicer thing.) projects started. House plants hung up, fresh peat moss brought in, wood stacked under the bench refilled, put up hooks for all the coats, etc.  The list had had quite a dent made in it but doesn’t feel as much was accomplished as 9 hours with a chainsaw.

I think tomorrow right after coffee I will sharpen the chain and head outdoors again.  Id like to build up the wood supply as long as the weather is nice enough and snow has melted down enough to make it safe and dare I saw enjoyable.