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Work on the Cabin – late July

Getting the most necessary windows in place made for decent enough air flow made it comfortable enough really get some work done.  Step one was the main kitchen counter top.

Again, this is a purchase from the resource store.  It took a number of trips to make it there on a day to find a counter top I liked and was of a size and shape I could work with. july 2014 056Into the counter line up went the stove that was salvaged from an old 5th wheel that had been crushed by a tree.  Getting a lay out that will work with both the propane line stove will need as well as the water lines, (water in, both hot and cold, as well as grey water out) dictated a lot of how the kitchen floor plan needed to work.  With the counter in place and stove set in the sink was the next task.  I couldn’t find the smaller size I had hoped for but for the whooping price of $15 I picked up a stainless steel sink.  There are a few tricks to cutting into counter tops.

1. always use a sharp blade with fine teeth or you get chipping.july 2014 0252. use painters tape to edge your cut to help not only keep a clean line but to further prevent chipping damage. july 2014 0203. be sure that you measure in enough to leave a lip for the sink to rest on but far enough out the brackets fit into your hole.  (if you buy a new sink you will get a template to work with making this slightly more simple)

4. Once you cut half way around screw a board, that spans the entire sink are, to the center piece.  This will hold the strain off the counter top and keep it in place until you lift it out.

july 2014 0245. As always, drill pilot holes for the jig saw to get into.

july 2014 023The messy part over, cut piece lift6ed easily out its time to drop in the sink itself.

july 2014 027The Moyen Faucet was a find at $7.  I love recycle stores!

With the sink in and the stove set in place the next tasks before shelves or doors can go in the walls need to be insulated and the lines for water and propane put in place.  There is always a great feeling when at the days end you can see what you have done.  It is a feeling so few know and yet we all need.  Building a tiny off grid cabin in the mountain is not for everyone but a sense of accomplishment is.   Volunteer at a habitat for humanity, at a community garden, or offer to hep a neighbour with some task on their “to do” list.  You may be surprised at how therapeutic it can be.  july 2014 029