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Misty Morning

dec 14 016

I have been working on the edits, trying to get the book (Through the Barrier) with all the little edits that seemed to get missed even after many read overs.  I thought I would share those posts just to show what it is that I do most days.  I hope you enjoyed them.  Today however, I thought I’d bring it back to this world.  Morning coffee, with temperatures just hovering at freezing when I got up, I stood outside to enjoy it. After the cold we have had this morning felt almost nice enough to not even need a coat, just a heavy sweatshirt.

I had mentioned earlier that I was looking into the e-lance site.  I thought Id mention that there has been no activity and as of yet I can find no one who has ever been hired though them.  Always trying f id ways to make ends meet a little easier I thought id try the ‘online survey’ machine.  Oh have I opened a can of worms!  I will stick with it and see how it works out and if t is worth it.  I am a sceptical of it at this point.

Today, edits, split wood and if the weather holds scavenger hunt hike with Oz.