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A Walk in the Woods

As fall sweeps in and transforms the mountains those last long walks without coats and boats need to be taken.  With the boy getting into projects and tasks set up for home school leaning the camera, as both a tool and an artistic outlet is one of them.  sept 2014 027

We set out on a walk, both of us with a camera.  To try and make it more interactive with a hint of direction I figured a scavenger hunt was the way to go.  I made a quick list: Something metal, something round, 3 different leaves, something red, something BIG, something tiny and something old.

I walked around with him showing him the basics of the camera, the same one I used until I received a new camera for my birthday from my mother, (quietwalkphotography)  I took  my own pictures along the way.

sept 2014 034

When we got back to the yard he asked if I had gotten all the pictures I needed.  Well, no I hadn’t but why not?  So we will do the hunts together and trade who makes the list each time.  So here is my scavenger hunt.

Something round in the mushrooms and the ring they grow in

sept 2014 026Something metalsept 2014 030leaf 1 of 3

sept 2014 016leaf 2 of threesept 2014 015leaf 3 oof 3sept 2014 011something redsept 2014 002something bigsept 2014 007something tiny in the little yarrow leaves

sept 2014 019

something old – the rocky mountainssept 2014 014

Shortly he will be taking a class on photography, composition, the use of focus and basic skill controls of the camera itself.  I look forward to just how creative he will be as he learns more of what he and his camera can do.

his blog and scavenger hunt