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A lil’ something

Yesterday as I was debating crawling back into bed or going out to split wood a friend showed up with …”a lil’ something to help me feel better.”  Never underestimate the value of your neighbours and friends.  Be good to them and they will be good to you.  When you live up a mountainside sometimes they are all the resources and emergency support you will have access to.  Thanks Tom!  You rock!

nov 021

Not just one load but 5!


Putting up the Yurt

This spring a friend of mine picked up a yurt. (It will house the intern that will work on her farm in the summer.) For her birthday several of us came up and helped her set it up.
june 2014 019
We headed up to the site at about 10 am and got to work.
june 2014 026
After levelling the ground we got he fun task of putting the floor together. The yurt had been used and passed along more than once so trying to get the pieces to all line out was a bit of a challenge.
june 2014 030
We took a quick lunch break and got back to work. To get the walls up we had to call on the aid of the kids.
june 2014 043
A few of the lattice peces were broken so it took more hands to hold it up while the center ring and rafters were put into place.
june 2014 052
june 2014 055
june 2014 068
It took us a bit to get all the rafters spaced just right but once we had them in place we took a minute to take a seat and watch the clouds pass over head.
june 2014 071
We got the wall stretched out and up into place, but the roof will wait fro another day. The center ring still needed to be stained but for the most part the yurt was up.
june 2014 081june 2014 082
All done for the day we all took a seat and had a homebrewed beer under the yurt rafters.
june 2014 073
If you know anyone interested in being an intern on a small farm and living in a yurt let me know. I might know just the place.
june 2014 080