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The snow has finally melted! Yesterday the lupines popped out of the mountain side and today the humming birds have returned. We are still at three days of sunshine this year with cloud cover again. The solar panels are not really amused but the plants in the greenhouse have the grow lights on them to help them on these cloudy days.


The days are warm enough now for t-shits and the work outside has picked back up again. Below the dam where the trees were dropped from making room for the greenhouse has become the target of focus. We will be putting in an orchard in the space as well as the chicken coop. (Zone 3 in permaculture) The ladies will be under and among the trees. The final plan for the coop is being worked out with several ideas in mind, including one with a rocket stove inside the wall to give them extra winter heat.


Thor thought he would help with clean up and kept making a bed out of the piles of slash that we needed to burn and sort. A perfect place to chew on a freshly found deer shed I guess. Almost two weeks of picking up the dead fall, chain saw work and nonstop fire, we got through the fiddlestick game of trees and found the rock bank. To my delight gooseberries are coming up and hopefully I can encourage them to thrive there.  20180505_121019

Our top temp today is likely to be in the mid 50’s with chance of rain, but as soon as I step away from the computer I will be outside. Summers in Montana tend to go from cool and grey to too hot and so smokey work outside must stop. Last year we went from smoke to snow with no chance for much fall work, hopefully this year we have fewer fires and more work can get done. The coop, the orchard, and more gardens, as well as a cob oven. Not to mention all the other stuff.


Flowers in th Rain

This morning I woke up to the patter or rain on the roof.  It was just cool enough to need a fire in the house.  I made coffee and waited for James to wake up.  We read out of Watership Down then went for a walk.

4.24.15 060

The rain was little more than mist by then but as both of us enjoy the rain it made the walk ever more enjoyable.

4.24.15 055

More and more little flowers are popping up and starting to open.  The weather has been cooler than last few days but they seem to like the cool spring weather as much as I do.

4.24.15 056

The mountain side are now full of little birds as well as little flowers.

4.24.15 059 4.24.15 058

The bird song echo off the mountain as they endlessly call back and forth to each other.  One has made it his endless task to try and get in through the window, tapping and tapping at the glass to find passage.

4.24.15 048

He is a fast little thing and made taking the picture difficult but I snapped few.

4.24.15 051

Coming Home to a Montana Spring

april 2014 002
Leaving for San Diego my mountain home was still held in the grip of winter. Snow banks and ice were the dominant element of the landscape. 19 hour drive brought us to a landscape of flowers, green leaves, and flip-flop weather.
SD 2014 030
many people thought me odd for taking pics of the flowers that they all seemed to utterly over look.
SD 2014 035
We took a short walk on the beach before breakfast one morning.
trip 2014 015
However, with the beauty of the flowers, the power of the ocean and the welcoming weather came pollution and traffic. trip to SD 2014 020
For me or anyone suffering MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) the city was almost unbearable. I was eager to get out of the city and back home.
Being able to breathe deeply and feel healed for it is a gift far more precious than any convenience a city might offer.
It was a pleasant welcome to find spring had arrived in my absence. No spring in MT is over night but it greets you a whisper at a time and getting home the mountain seemed to greet men with bird song and smell of damp earth. Crusted snow and patches of ice still cover the yard but there is no mistake. Spring has arrived in MT.
april 2014 001
Today the snow and ice that had hidden the reek away for months now, gave way and the sound of rushing water has joined in with the birds and Kokopelli to bring in spring.
april 2014 013
Watching the melt off and path of the sun my plans for gardens, green houses and front doors fill my thoughts. Soon work will be able to begin.
april 2014 005
Today I can do edits on the books, go for short walks and snap pictures, soak in the sunshine. Maybe tomorrow I will be doing the same but once the ground thaws, and the last of the snow has melted away work to make this mountain a functioning home will begin in earnest. Blogs will share projects details. This promises to be a grand year.