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This is how a modern mountain woman accessorizes

jan 2015 060

Yes, I have orange gloves that match the Stihl Chainsaw as well.  Today it just happened to be the Poulan I used. lol.chainsawn jan 2015 073

Today the weather was stunning.  The snow has melted enough the mountain sides are nearly all exposed.  The driveway is deadly and not to be travelled on my any creature, not even the dogs can make it up and down.

jan 2015 073You just cant pass up weather like this.  Clearing and cutting has been the task every day it is warm enough and the last two have been utterly spring like.  I hope the little trees and flowers don’t attempt to bud out as it is only and trick with no doubt that winter will rush back in from the artic and temps will plummet.  Stay sleeping all you young plants, skunks, and bears.  Winter is far from over.



jan 15 002

The sun cam out today for the first time in weeks.  Despite the over cast weather it has been remarkably warm and I have spent most the time outdoors.

jan 15 023

After three months of my shoulder being unable to work the warm break has given me a chance to tackle projects I had hoped to do in September.

clearing 1-15 003Yesterday the clearing of the ‘front yard’ began.  6 hours in and you can actually see the little cabin.

clearing 1-15 012

Once the bulk of the trees were cut into manageable pieces and hauled out of the trees, and into downhill ice slick…. I mean the driveway… James built a fire to start burning the sash that was not worthy of the wood stack.

clearing 1-15 006about hour 7 I found wild climbing roses.   Very cool.

clearing 1-15 008hour 7.5 I discovered a missed ornament.

clearing 1-15 020at 8 hours I was starting to feel the weight of the chainsaw but the dogs were having a ball.

clearing 1-15 0289 hours I called it a day.  The sun was well behind the mountain and dusk was creeping in.  I took a seat by the fire, had James go start dinner, and took a break.

clearing 1-15 011Today was a day getting my ‘honeydew’ (yes I spelled it that way on purpose, as I do my own ‘to do’s’ a ‘honeydew’ not a ‘honey do’ or simply ‘need to get done’ list just seems like a nicer thing.) projects started. House plants hung up, fresh peat moss brought in, wood stacked under the bench refilled, put up hooks for all the coats, etc.  The list had had quite a dent made in it but doesn’t feel as much was accomplished as 9 hours with a chainsaw.

I think tomorrow right after coffee I will sharpen the chain and head outdoors again.  Id like to build up the wood supply as long as the weather is nice enough and snow has melted down enough to make it safe and dare I saw enjoyable.