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All in a day

today, besides the daily tasks of cabin living I hiked down the road to the neighbours.january 15 019

It was a nice walk and I didn’t mind the weather at all.  This morning it was a sweat sort of day with the sunshine and a warm 29 degrees.  He needed help with his plumbing.  It was not huge task, jus pull out, rewire and replace the garbage disposal.  The faucet needed a little tweak to tighten up and while I was under there the rotten floor needed to be replaced.  That finished I was about to head home when as a thank you gift he loaded up a couple sets of chains in a sled.

“If they fit they were mine for the keeping, if not, pass them along,” he said.

Dragging the sled I headed home.

The Little Cabin is tucked down between the mountains.

The Little Cabin is tucked down between the mountains.

Once there I had Jams come out to learn a skill all Montanans need to know.  Putting on chains.

january 15 034First the truck.

january 15 031Then the Little Red Dragon, aka the car.  Nicely done son, then, inside for one last task before we start to head towards beds.

january 15 001