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Bottle Garden Update

The bottle gardens from last spring have mostly all been given away but I still have one.  I thought I would update the info.  This one I put in moss and peat moss both.  The moss alone dried out too quickly alone but the peat moss added makes it work rather well.  Out of curiosity I used house plants instead of the normal use of quick veggies.

jan 15 008

The plants I tucked in the window-garden were the ones broke off by the cat.  Now in the south window in their new home they seem quite happy.  I use V-F 11 one a week in a mist to fertilise the plants as the moss itself doesn’t offer much.

jan 15 006Having this little garden and being able to play in the ‘dirt’ a little this time of year is well worth having. Even if I get no snips of lettuce or basil I am quite happy with the results.