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Spring 2017, a dozen and more projects.

This winter, while not as cold as some, the cold has lasted. Nightly, falling well below zero neighbors across the state have had frozen water and drains. Not just those in rural areas but towns and cities have had water simply creep to a frozen standstill. Up here on the mountain water has remained the same for us. Off grid certainly has its advantages.

The cold has however, eaten up the wood stack impressively. Last week when the weather gave us a break and we got above freezing it was cause for days outside. A dozen spring projects to began in a flurry of activity not seen since the last few days before the snow arrived. img_20170121_193401_714The unsold wreaths came down to start with. The ornaments and now dry boughs were all unwound and put away for next season. Thor decided the big ones made great beds after a day chasing snow balls and helping haul wood.

Large boxes from costso we turned into new indoor nest boxes for the ladies. They loved them at once and eggs started to show up.

img_20170121_192921_172The big dead tree by the driveway came down, was bucked up, hauled up the driveway via sled, and split. Shane came up to cut down the old Pondarosa as my chainsaws have deiced to stop running. They are both in need of carburetor, work so they look useful, but for now they do little. James and I saw to the rest of the tree and got it all stacked in one long afternoon. The beetle killed pine split so easy we had to remind ourselves not to chop it too small.

The deck had to be shoveled of snow and ice from almost record breaking snow fall. Of course a sled hill had to be tested… img_20170131_195319_546…sticks had to be tested for strength and bonfires had to be built.

We had four glorious sunfilled days before the snow returned last night and buried us under another foot. We will be back inside the rest of the week finishing up the long overdue sheet-rock in the Little Cabin.

Yesterday, however, was stunning. I woke up to a dozen types of birds all greeting spring, chipmunks were chirping, and the squirrels shouting their chatter. Thor hasn’t been so excited to get outside since the snow first arrived. I let him out and sat down to have coffee before James woke up.


After seeing to morning chores it was warm enough out the greenhouse to sit down for projects without even needing to build a fire.


The beadwork my grandma had started before she passed away this fall I finished while the chickens debated if it was truly spring or not.Craft supplies from the last homeschool kid co-op visit were sorted and put back in their drawers, and most of the glitter swept up. (I doubt it will ever be truly all gone. By time that happens I am sure a handful of little girls will be back for another art workshop.)


Thor on guard duty. he likes the snow this year if for no other reason than he can sit up very high and watch the driveway.

Waking up to snow this morning was very pretty but I will be glad for the next day with sunshine and thawing weather. I count the days to get the first seeds into the ground int he greenhouse. The thermometer is in the ground. It will be soon.




There is something to be said about procrastination. Having washed about four loads of clothes, various comforters and all the sheets but the set on the bed I put off folding the heaping pile but left it on the bench. Today, wanting it al put away I set to folding. Keep in mind the ‘cushion’ on the bench is a fairly expensive memory foam mattress. I get about half way through the pile and notice bits of dirt.
“Ohh, naughty dog,” I think. Then I find my shoe. I have to PEEL it out of the sheet it is in. Yes Peel it. The entire thing is coated in something sticky. Very sticky! Sticky and no longer in possession of a sole I might add.
“Very bad boy,” I tell him showing him the shoe.
Then… oh it gets better… I realize the sheet is sticky, the comforter under it is sticky, there is a jacket all but glued to both!
Half way through the pile I discover the explanation. An entire bottle of maple syrup has had its top chewed off and the contents poured into my pile of clean bedding!
Hoping he ate most of it and that it hasn’t gotten all the way down to the mattress I begin striping away layers, peeling and seeking the end of the mess. There is no way he ate it all, there are queen size mattresses so glued together I don’t even try to find what might be hidden in the folds.
The bench cover comes off and… the syrup has gone all the way through!
Now here is where the procrastination part comes in to play. While the syrup went all the way to the memory foam it is such a small amount a warm damp cloth wipe it all away! So, my friends, if there is a day you put something off keep in mind that it might just be your guardian angel telling you that than find your mattress has become a maple syrup log, delightful for ants but not much good for anything else. Happy New Year