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I am normally not a fan of cutting down trees so when I do it do so only with a lot of consideration and a damn good reason. The need for sun to the house, to the solar panels… (soon to be put up, its a two man job ad I have to as yet managed to get a second set of hands to help hoist them into place on the roof,) sun to the garden sites, and open space for the pond, it is necessary that the yard to be cleared of a number of trees, of all sizes.  To help with this and to put the trees to use I have offered friends to come up and cut their christmas tree at my place.

late nov 014

Yesterday the weather warmed up and it started to rain.  The rain has not let up yet.  Ice and slush make the driveway a bit precarious but the mountain side is simply wet.  Today was a good day to find just the right tree. Still recovering from being sick I couldn’t help but come down to watch.

late nov 004 Even with a time to debate tree qualities everyone found the one they wanted in short order.  Tonight several families will but setting up their tree.  The younger kids were not so excited about it but the ones old enough to know what a tree means were rather thrilled.

late nov 011

I am not a fan of the large x-mas tree farms, the price that they are sold for or the waste of the trees that go un purchased every year.  Responsible stewardship and care for native and wild areas could provide what is needed while improving the landscape, water sheds and habitat for native animals.

I’m glad I was able to offer native trees that were too thick to grow very large or very healthy.  Even if I had no other need to thin the trees, for their long term health and for fire mitigation a number just have to go.

nov 025

nov 008

A couple more trees headed to new homes.