pond liner Patched!

Last Dec. or so a pack rat decided to tear this way out of his next into the depths of the pond. This spring I found the hole he had made as well as what was left of his tail. 19420502_1700832066613306_3109672944671040314_n

It took about a week to drain the pond low enough to get it clean and clear. Using pond liner tape I got a patch over it. Keeping scraps is always a good idea. I found one that was just about the perfect size. The patch went on about nine and the water was turned back on.  Now I just have to wait and watch it refill. The weather has of course decided to claim into the upper 90’s making evaporation during the day  real slow down to the filling but the water line is coming up.


You can see the water line along the black liner. The pond is an ongoing project that still needs much gravel for the bottom, plants, and I hope to get a solar powered aerator. For now the spring is filling the pond and the fish are surely grateful.


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