Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

After a few months hiatus, with the snow coming down and the forest a deep quiet, I am back in the swing of things. This year spring has come early, the ice has melted off he driveway and the last f the snow hangs on only on the mountain tops. The danger of forest fires is already a major topic around town but for me spring is a time of winters plans getting put into motion and a daily check on the gardens to see just what has spouted.

Already the birds are back, the black birds and robins, last year little window tappers are back as well. The creek is rushing, the river is high, and the skunks are out. The plans for the year are rushing forward. The pond liner will get laid next week, the mill comes in to turn down trees into lumber, and the green house is marked out.

This year the plan has become to make the green house a source of income. As the chemical sensitivity gets worse typical jobs become less of an option with each passing day. It is going to going up as fast as we an make it happen and fingers crossed we can get it done and growing things n time for farmers markets. There will be pictures soon. Pictures of ponds, of green houses and of growing things. Certainly there will be pictures of wild flowers and work on the Little Cabin.

Today though I head to work at the little grocery store down the mountain and try to get through another week.



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