Morning Walk

After getting a new job, that doesn’t feel like a new job at all, (not the first little grocery store I have worked at, just a different little town) I have found myself working open till close several days n a row.  Today I don’t need to be there until 2 pm so I had time to take my morning coffee for a walk up the mountain.

june 2014 043

All over the mountain things are alive and in bloom.  From up here I can hear the birds from across the valley and down along the creek.

june 2014 042Coffee in one hand, camera in the other, getting focus was a bit of a challenge but I dared not set the mug down or Thor was sure to knock it over.  A little higher up I found the wild roses. While down below they have already dropped their petals, up here they were just opening up.

june 2014 035

I couldn’t resist taking ‘just one more’ picture.

june 2014 037They cover a large section of the mountain side, making it difficult to hike that way but this time of year its rather amazing to see, but not so impressive in a photo.

june 2014 029

Hiking down stopped at the garden to check on the everything.  The little guys have begun to pop up and are rapidly catching up with the plants in garden further down the mountain.  We still get pretty chilly at night and have only recently stopping having frost in the morning.

june 2014 045

Later today I will put the squash and cucumbers in.  Despite being knocked over and spilled out several times by Thor the Naughty Puppy they are good and ready for the ground.  I have no idea what is what at this point but they are all welcome in my mountainside garden.  It will be a fun surpise to see what each one turns out to be.


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