fire swirls

may 2015 011

James and I were out by the fire.  After trying to take pictures of the moon and getting frustrated with the fact I could not get a crystal clear focus he decided to have me take pictures of something in motion.

may 2015 006

I took about 20 pictures of the moon but none of them really began to capture the night.

may 2015 010

After days of rain the clouds had broken apart.  Thunder storms have been rushing over and cracking above us for days.

may 2015 030

We had spent the day working on the garden.  The garden beds are staring to come together, the fence is up and the seeds are in.

may 2015 002

I left the balsam root and a couple of little roses, but have peas, beans, carrots, lettuce, kale and several other goodies planted.  The further up the mountain it goes the more will go in.   As high as we are the frost as only now passed and the short season plants can go in.  While further down the mountain others have plants have already sprouted we only now get to plant.

may 2015 001The window garden has begun to grow but every night it has been covered and kept warm.  Every morning I uncover them.

may 2015 007

The little peas and the radishes are up and growing but the lettuce certainly is doing well. Hopefully things will grow well enough that by fall there will be all sorts of goodies to put into cans.  Fingers are crossed for good weather and for everything to come together so that the root cellar is ready.


1 thought on “fire swirls

  1. quietwalkblog

    I think the moon photos are quite good – not because it is a really bright in-focus pic of the moon, but because of the ambiance, the feeling of being outside with the moon, the clouds, the trees and the breeze. Good composition and feeling to them.


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