Wood Work story

James’s homework assignment for the day: write a blog about working with Q.



  Monday through Thursday I go to to work at Q’s Quality Woodworking.  I get to the shop around 9:00 AM and get home around 3:00 PM, during that time I am always busy. As soon I arrive at the shop we get to work.  One of the things that I do in the shop a lot of the time is using the sander on the things that Q crafts on the wood lathe.  As Q works on the spinning wheel parts he tells me what he’s making, like the exhilarater-head, maiden table, bobbins, lazy kate, and more. I sand a lot of lazy kates’ and bobbins parts.

Bobbins Bobbins

Last week I got to design a goat manager. The first thing I did was draw out the plan/blueprints. I wanted to make certain the that goats can’t get in it but can still eat from it. One of Q’s goats has…

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