There is something to be said about procrastination. Having washed about four loads of clothes, various comforters and all the sheets but the set on the bed I put off folding the heaping pile but left it on the bench. Today, wanting it al put away I set to folding. Keep in mind the ‘cushion’ on the bench is a fairly expensive memory foam mattress. I get about half way through the pile and notice bits of dirt.
“Ohh, naughty dog,” I think. Then I find my shoe. I have to PEEL it out of the sheet it is in. Yes Peel it. The entire thing is coated in something sticky. Very sticky! Sticky and no longer in possession of a sole I might add.
“Very bad boy,” I tell him showing him the shoe.
Then… oh it gets better… I realize the sheet is sticky, the comforter under it is sticky, there is a jacket all but glued to both!
Half way through the pile I discover the explanation. An entire bottle of maple syrup has had its top chewed off and the contents poured into my pile of clean bedding!
Hoping he ate most of it and that it hasn’t gotten all the way down to the mattress I begin striping away layers, peeling and seeking the end of the mess. There is no way he ate it all, there are queen size mattresses so glued together I don’t even try to find what might be hidden in the folds.
The bench cover comes off and… the syrup has gone all the way through!
Now here is where the procrastination part comes in to play. While the syrup went all the way to the memory foam it is such a small amount a warm damp cloth wipe it all away! So, my friends, if there is a day you put something off keep in mind that it might just be your guardian angel telling you that than find your mattress has become a maple syrup log, delightful for ants but not much good for anything else. Happy New Year


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