A Modern Mountain Woman’s Chistmas List

In this country the holiday of chistmas has become a tradition and less a religious day with most people not even aware of chuch behind their favourite time of the year.I personally do not celebrate the holiday of chistmas (but solstice is pure magic.)  The making of a list I take as a sort of tangible desire to manifest a few things that one would like in their lives.  My son asked me what my list was so here it is.

List of Modern Mountain Woman

1. a truck

2. a bottle cutter or glass cutter to be made into such

3. 5 sheets of plywood

4. 200 feet of rebar

5. 2 yards worth of concrete

6. heritage vegetable seeds

7. solar Anything!

8. 400 gallon water tank

9. two dozen heritage chicks

10. a dog kennel!

That’s just off the top of my head; the things I think about daily.  The projects I have planned.  Maybe ‘a grant’ should be on my list.


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