Snow Day

The unreasonable cold of the bearing straight has passed and left us with more typical weather for this time of year.  Misty drizzly rain.  While normally I gear up and hike out, loving the cool weather, the smell of the mountains and the chance for great images of water drops I have been doing very little other than curling up in bed and adding wood to the fire. Yep, its that time of year… I have a cold.

nov snow 001

I had a tiny one trying o take hold when I went over the mountains, but a day in the wind and an earache has set it into a level that I hope wont last for month.  Having a sluggish and often confused immune system often means a cold lasts for months.  I remain optimistic though and hope that my heath has improved enough this last year that I will be surprised and wake up all better very soon.

Last night the rain turned to snow for a bit and then to freezing rain.  Its a wet heavy white world out there now.

nov snow 005

I made coffee and hiked down to Shane’s.  The booster to get our shared internet up to the cabin is not set up yet so I have to trek down to get online, and due to lack of finding enough copper pipe and refusing to buy new, my hot water system is not set up, so for modern convince aka internet and showers, down the mountain I go.  It gives me a chance to take pictures even when I’m not feeling up to a hike.

nov snow 017

The snow is so wet and heavy it was sliding off the trees all around, but most of them just out of camera shot or I was just too slow to catch it.

nov snow 019

I think today I will try to find my grid paper and begin the work on the plans for the root cellar and chicken coop that WILL go in next year.


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