Nov 24/ New Snow

Just as I got the car unpacked, (it now sits at the bottom of the drive and everything must be carried up and up down,) the misty rain turned to snow.  Tired from fighting the wind while taking pictures that morning and driving in it for hours I headed to bed.  Fire built up, I hoped to sleep a few hours before I had to get up and restock it, but the cat seemed to have missed me and decided my head was right where she needed to sit.  When she did relent it was close to 4 am and she decided she needed to go outside.  I could see it was still snowing but was too tired to really take notice.  This morning however it was impossible to ignore.  Even as tired as I grabbed the camera.

Nov Snow 017

Pre-coffee I stepped out to get the sun on the snow but just as I did a cloud over the sun. I decided to take a few anyway.  I will go out later I am sure and try to get some with a bit more direct sunshine.

Nov Snow 002

These two old Tamarac’s tower up just outside the kitchen window.  They stand as guardians over the yard.  We call them the old grandmothers.

Nov Snow 005

The only sound this morning was the little wood pecker who has until now been almost magical in its way of hiding from the camera.  Its not the best picture I might have dreamed of, but I’m happy to have gotten on of this little guy at all.

Nov Snow 008

Pictures do not show just steep the last leg of the drive up tot he cabin is, but its a good work up going up and down.

Nov Snow 013

Looking up the mountain behind the little cabin.

Nov Snow 003


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