Around the Cabin

oct 2014 015

Morning sun through the window on steam from the copper tea pot.

oct 2014 013

The Forest Spirit Samahain costume in progress.

oct.nov 2014 021

Frozen Rain drop, first snow just beginning to fall

oct.nov 2014 002

Four avocados that decided to spout when I tossed them into the soil of a sad looking spider plant.  No toothpick and cup of water required.

oct.nov 2014 015

An important thing to know when splitting wood by hand, is the difference between a spitting maul and an ax.  This is an ax.  It is not designed to split logs, but as my maul is missing it is the tool I have been using.

oct.nov 2014 020

Snow back to rain.  Time to go split a few more logs.


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