Scavenger Hunt #2

After making a list we grabbed our cameras and headed out.  We had both been suffering upset stomachs and didn’t really feel like taking too long but the day has been too amazing to stay inside.  Tank top weather with threat of freeze in two days we decided to go down the mountain instead of hike up it.

1:Three animals

animal 1

animal 1

animal 2

animal 2

animal 3

animal 3

Something reflectivesept 14 044Something soft

soft field of clover

soft field of clover

Something Blacksept 14 050

Something Squaresept 14 038

Something with Words

sept 14 056

Homeschool is not for everyone, nor is the relaxed method of school that simply immerses a student into activities and tasks.  From learning how to use a camera to building sheds, reading books to learning to cook all things can be made a fun task that seems more of a simple matter of life than a burden enforced on a young mind.

My boy at almost 13 greets his projects with a dozen questions and interest.  Hopefully soon MMW will have a youtube account and he will be learning not only the task at hand but to become a camera man, a director and an editor all in  one.

His scavenger hunt:


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