August weather

Normally in Montana August is the hottest month of the year.  The sun comes up early and lingers until well past the bed time of school children.  Afternoons in the shade or at the river become necessary against heat stroke with day after day of 100+ heat and nights that rarely dip below 80.  This year however we have a frost warning for gardens whose tomatoes are just now beginning to ripen.  Nearly a week of rain and 60 degree days have put the forest fires to bed and given the forest a new blush of green.  Taking a day off from all work my son and I took a walk down from the cabin to the creek.  aug 2014 053Our walks are times to talk about anything from the ancient history of the rocky mountains to the latest episode of Cosmos or the philosophy of the Prime Directive.  It is a game to see who can find the most interesting plant or coolest ‘thing’.  Today we took to looking for fungi 

aug 2014 009He found this one right after Thor (the puppy) stepped on it.

aug 2014 012We spotted this one almost seeming to glow in a shaft of sunlight through the cedars. aug 2014 027

We reached the creek finding only a few more but of the same types.

aug 2014 018We got distracted looking at all the little plants that grow along the creek, on the old fallen trees and stumps.

aug 2014 023aug 2014 024aug 2014 044Heading back up we started talking about the old stumps that are dotted along the trail, some of them ten feet across.  aug 2014 032aug 2014 045From the mining and the logging in the area we spoke of the ethics of both and about where those lines might be.  aug 2014 033aug 2014 042Just as we were headed back up, where the cedars still held the cool air and made for deep shade we found this little treasure.  Tonight we will be trying to find out what its name is.

aug 2014 041I couldn’t resist taking a few flower pics as we crossed the meadow.

aug 2014 006aug 2014 061“That’s the band aid one right?” 

“Yep, yarrow.” 

aug 2014 058He decided he won the walk challenge with the snail he found.

aug 2014 037The weather was perfect today but the cool weather reminds me how quickly winter will be back and there is still much to get done on the little cabin before the snow flies.  With school season creeping up on us it easy to forget to savour the weather and the long days.  Be sure to take the time.  Our walks will soon become backed up with research and he will be making his own blog about being home schooled off grid in a modern world.  


2 thoughts on “August weather

  1. quietwalkblog

    It is great that you and Oden talk about such a great variety of things on your walkabouts. His consciousness of the world we live in is being expanded in a wonderful way.

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